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Bonjour !
I'm Amy, the girl behind Chapteries.
If you are juste like me a real addict to journals, stickers, papers, crafts, anything relative to notebooks, well, let's be friends :)!
I started this adventure 3 years ago, with the name Provence Diary right after the lockdown who allows me to spend time with my notebooks. I wanted to add my little touch -a little "je ne sais quoi" as we say in France- to my stationery, so I started to design my own stickers.
I discovered a wonderful community on Instagram. If you're not on it yet, join us ! We really have fun and support each other. The community helps me grow and work on my creativity. The people there is so talented !!
So, naturally, I wanted to highlight them. And then, my shop was born !
This shop is designed as a meeting place for artists. As a concept store, I propose several stationery items created by other artists such as stickers, notebooks, stamps and cie. The collection will grow again & again :)
I'm so happy to welcome you here, in this space who is a little my "crafting central perk" (yes I'm a huge Friends fan). All artists, beginners or advanced, are more than welcome and I'm pretty sure you will find everything you need for your crafting times.
Just let yourself be carried away by the different articles and let your imagination do the rest!
If you have any questions or suggestions, or just want to send some love, I'd be happy to help or listen to you so please just fill the form at the end of the page !
With love from Paris,
Ps : If you want to know more about me, I'm Parisian, I love Friends, vintage vibes, analog pictures (I used to be a photographer and took a loooot of analog pics), I love London and UK in general, spring, early mornings and cozy evenings, drink some tea but also sushis. I have a little girl (my love) and spend my time between educating my daughter and working on my business !
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About the products

The products sold on my e-shop are my creations or objects I use myself on a daily basis.
The wooden boxes are made by my partner in our home. The components are assembled by myself.
The stickers are designed by artists whose licenses I buy; I then lay them out, print them, cut them out and send them from my home in France.
If you're a graphic designer and would like to collaborate on a sticker collection, please don't hesitate to contact me via the form below; I'm always delighted to discover new talent!
If you'd like to contact me, if you have a question, or if you'd just like to leave me a message, please fill in the form right here: