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Judi Kins Prunier stamp

Judi Kins Prunier stamp

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Create beautiful scrapbook pages with Judi Kins Prunier stamp for scrapbooking. Featuring a unique, detailed design, this stamp is perfect for adding a special touch to your projects.

Dimensions : 7x12cm

 Japanese poem: "Under the plum tree" The poem was written in the Edo period (1603-1867). The author is unknown. although the first name of the artist is included in the text. The original was probably an old woodcut. The poem is written in the author's own artistic signature and very hard to read. Each character has a precise meaning. If one tries to interpret the poem and translated into, it would follow-the-speak are: « The early flowering plums of Minonu. I had the feeling that the old flowers blooming in my home now. I also had the feeling this morning flows from the smell when the wind blows under the plum tree. »

Made in Germany.

• The Heindesign stamp can be cleaned with water but should be dried quickly.
• The Heindesign stamps are for paper and suitable for printing on fabric.

The Heindesign stamps are made of red rubber. This rubber - produced from natural rubber - guarantees a fine. detailed print and an extremely long life of the stamp. The stamp motif is pressed with heat and pressure in the rubber (vulcanized). For a good handling of the stamp. the stamp rubber is adhered with a damping layer to a handle. This handle consists of a painted wooden blocks book that shows the subject in original size. In the punch assembly. the punch rubber is aligned such that the rubber adheres just below the image on the pad. So you can always just and stamp fit. 

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